Lovett's Mobile Home Park

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get an application?
    A. From this web site, under Applications, or call (814) 664-5493.

Q. How long does the application process take?
    A. Usually five days after we receive your application, we will be able to give you an answer.

Q. Do we get to choose a lot?
    A. The tenant is given a choice of lots that will accommodate their home's size.  However, the final decision is the landlord's.

Q. Is there a deposit required to hold that lot?
    A. Yes.  We require a non-refundable deposit of one months rent.  When the home is moved in, it will become your security deposit.

Q. Do you allow pets?
    A. Yes.  We understand that pets are an important part of life.  We do however, have rules that apply to pets living in the park.

Q. Are there any extra fees charged each month?
    A. No.  Water, sewer, and trash are included in the lot rent.  However, a pet fee may apply.

Q. Are there any home for sale in the park?
    A. Sometimes.  All homes are privately owned and sold.  You will need to drive through the park and write down the phone numbers of any for sale signs.

Q. Is there a park office?
    A. No.  But, we are available by appointment by calling (814) 664-5493.

Q. Are there any empty lots available?
    A. Yes.  There are still a few lots available.  Please call for details.

Q. Can I get my rent reduced?
    A. Yes.  You can get $50 off your month's rent by winning the "Lot Rent Lotto".

Q. Can I file a Complaint?
    A. Yes. You can fill out the "Complaint Form" and Contact the owners.

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